Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I feel compelled to write something interesting (for my 1 follower), but I have the same problem here that I have with any diary or journal I've ever tried to write... the words in my head don't make the same amount of sense when written. I'm sure everyone experiences this, and it's probably just a matter of learning how to write. Whatever. Don't care; want to complain. Heh. So, I don't really think in words (to correct the sentence above), I think in concepts. My thoughts are not only based on the emotional responses I have to them, but on a network of various other previous thought streams. It's a complex web in my brain! Often very jumbly, too. I have a hard time keeping track of single thoughts- they don't sit still very long- and because they are tied to many other thoughts and ideas and emotions, I often mix them up, unable to distingush each individual one. None of this is very interesting. But to be able to take a thought with all it's complexities and put it out there for others to understand is the ultimate goal of most people, I imagine. To be understood. Ah... now that's a concept! Dostoevsky is my hero! (Go read 'Notes From Underground' to learn how to dump the crazy inside your head onto a page in a clear, structured manner.) Who isn't the nameless man? (At least in some way.) Bonus points to Dostoevsky for unjumbling the crazy of a person suffering from depression. He gets me twice. Ramble... ramble... ramble... DONE!

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  1. I was just thinking about this myself the other day, and I think the key is to "just do it" (go Nike!). The more you write for a blog, the better you will become. Check out other blogs (I love the "next blog" feature on this site), you might find some gems!
    The posts I'm most proud of are the ones I wrote at home and typed out the next day. I could jumble all I wanted and then clean it up later.
    Also, I know you keep a notebook, so look to it for topics and inspiration.
    Bella Karoli say "You can Do it!"